Amenities & Services

1200 s.m.
of contemporary facilities

dialysis stations

Up to
180 patients

Special wards
(treatment, hepatitis B, recovery)

individual cable TV at each station

high speed



What a visitor with European health insurance needs

  1. European Health Insurance Card.
  2. An Information Note from the attending physician at your dialysis centre stating your patient history, dialysis conditions and the medication you are on if you are a dialysis patient.
  3. Recent blood tests including tests for Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.

The information note and blood tests must be sent to our Chronic Dialysis Unit one week prior to the date of arrival, by email or fax, and the dialysis patient must have them on him/her upon arrival.


Greece: The land of the sun and sea.

Katerini: the city of the gods, built at the foot of Mount Olympus with its vast beach stretching across 80 kilometres and hundreds of accommodation facilities from Korinos all the way to Neoi Poroi. Holidays last all year long in Katerini, as it hides within it a whole world of sights and surprises.

Mainland Greece Olympos

Alpha Dialysis Center Address: Leoforos Iasonidi 102, GR-60134, Katerini • Tel. +302351022300 / +302351046813 • Fax +302351030050 • Email: